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Penny On – Martin Dewhurst

“Penny-On” aims to eliminate extreme poverty worldwide

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Here’s an idea: one penny on your bill at the checkout that will directly solve the problems of extreme poverty worldwide.

Keep watching “Penny-On” – and hey you could even get involved.

This simple idea could easily provide a sustainable solution to end poverty.

It could be better than Band Aid, Live Aid or Live8.

It is getting ready to rock & roll to ICON status and really make a difference.

Mr. D you dreamt the dream and here’s hoping that we can all play a part in making this beautiful dream come true.
“Penny-On” began one night six years ago when Martin Dewhurst dreamt of a brand as recognisable as Coca-Cola but with the global impact of Unicef.
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Updated post 22 September 2006

Martin, always wonderful to hear of your progress. Brennan, thank you for the link.


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Johnny Depp


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Mr. Depp is an amazing actor. One of these days I must write an equally amazing script for him.

John Christopher Depp you have achieved ICON status.

Now put that cigarette out, get your shirt and Keith Richards shoes on and get back to work…

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Google Johnny Depp

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Images, ‘personalities’ and sensations fix into our daily thoughts. We fill our heads and filter what is (or is not) essential.

These transient flickers fit into our lives as fragments/ thoughts that can become imprinted on our collective consciousness by the media or whatever ‘industry’ creates the icons and imagery.

They can be celebrities, icons, images, music, trivia, and advertising. How many times do you use catchphrases? How many times do you hum that ‘irritating’ tune?

What is real? What may be unreal? You decide for yourself…these are just thoughts and impressions of one person and we all see things differently…. Enjoy and think about your perceptions.

Everything that follows is written with love, respect and a healthy disbelief in advertising…

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